Our Supporters

We thank all those who support our efforts to expand the practice of sex therapy.

Advisory Board

Members of the 4-D Network Advisory Board are chosen for their wholehearted support of 4-D Wheel principles and practice, their range of professional expertise, and their geographical location. We include researchers, therapists, educators, coaches, authors, editors, filmmakers, shamanic practitioners, an international public health nurse, a one-time director of a conference center, and a public interest attorney.

Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT | Cambridge, MA

Prudence Berry | Rowe, MA

Robert Dunlap, PhD | Los Angeles, CA

Tina Nevin, RN | Lenhovda, Sweden

Linda Savage, PhD | Vista, CA

Patti Britton, PhD, MPH | Los Angeles, CA

Maril Crabtree, JD | Kansas City, KS



The Colleagues listed below are professionals who have supported Wheel activities in a variety of ways—by research, teaching, hosting events, promoting publications, contributing to training’s, and/or incorporating our teachings into their own work.

We acknowledge and honor their work and dedication—and encourage you to support their work.

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Barbara Adler, www.womenswell.org/faculty
Anne Belden, MS, www.annebelden.com
Jalaja Bonheim, PhD, www.jalajabonheim.com
Stephen Braveman, MA, LMFT, www.bravemantherapy.com
Lucy L. Brown, PhD, lucy.brown@einstein.yu.edu
Carol Cassell, PhD, www.carolcassell.com
Rebecca Chalker, PhD, beckychalker@gmail.com
Neil Cannon, PhD, www.doctorcannon.com
Jane Claypool, www.janeclaypool.com
Ruth Cohn, MFT, CST, www.cominghometopassion.com
Ani Colt, www.anicolt.com
Becky deGrossa, www.page1pros.com
Inara deLuna, www.flexibleasst.com
Roz Dichiavo, MA, EdD, www.instituteforsexuality.com
Riane Eisler, JD, www.rianeeisler.com
Carol Rinklieb Ellison, PhD, www.womenssexualities.com
Gretchen Fincke, MSSW, gfincke@charter.net
Jo Chaffee : jchaffee01@gmail.com
Ruth Fishel, www.ruthfishel.com
Sallie Foley, LMSW, www.salliefoley.com
Henry Grayson, PhD, www.henrygrayson.com
Edith Griffin, www.westfordtherapycenter.com
Suzie Heuman, www.tantra.com
Karen Hicks, PhD. www.karenhicks.net
Sandy Hitchins, crescentmoontales@gmail.com
Peter Kanaris, PhD, www.healthgrades.com
Diana Kerievsky, LCSW, www.psychospiritualtherapy.org
Michaela Kirby, www.lesley.edu/faculty/michaela-kirby
Anita Hoffer, PhD, EdD, www.sexualityandaging.com/members/anita-hoffer/
Carlyle Jansen, www.goodforher.com
Amy Joseph, MA, LMHC, www.providencehealingcircle.com
Sue Katz, www.suekatz.com
Peggy Kleinplatz, PhD, kleinpla@uottawa.edu.ca
Rae Larson, MS, LMHC, www.sextx.com
Monica Levine, www.casadelosartistas.com
David Loye, PhD, www.partnershipway.org
Sherry Lundquist, sherry_lundquist@yahoo.com
Ginger Manley, MSN, APRN, www.gingermanley.com
Mary Marino, www.psychospiritualtherapy.org
Bob Masla, www.casadelosartistas.com
Tara McAvoy, mcavoytm@yahoo.com
Barry McCarthy, EdD, www.wpcdc.com/barry_mccarthy.php
Oscar Miro-Quesada, www.mesaworks.com
Belinda Morse, www.wordsareimages.com
Ruth Neustifter, PhD, www.exploringintimacy.com
Christiane Northrup, MD, www.drnorthrup.com
Tammy Nelson, www.drtammyNelson.com
Judy Norsigian, www.ourbodiesourselves.org
Marvarene Oliver, EdD, www.education.tamucc.edu/bio/oliver_marvarene.html
Joan Oliver, jdolivenyc@aol.com
Rhea Orion, PhD. LMFT, www.lovehelpus.com
Esther Perel, www.estherperel.com
Evelyn Resh, MPH, www.evelynresh.com
Stella Resnick, PhD, www.drstellaresnick.com
Suzann Robins, www.susannrobins.com
Sylvia Rosenfeld, LCSW, www.gettingtheloveyouwant.com/premium/Sylvia-Rosenfeld
Joanna Saliani, jsaliani4@yahoo.com
Reva Seybolt, MBA, LMT, www.revaseybolt.net
Michal Schonbrun, MPH, www.poriutivit.com
Michele Sugg, www.michelesugg.com
Wendy Slick, www.wendyslick.com
Tracey Schmidt, www.traceyschmidt.com
Bill Taverner, MA, www.sexednetwork.com
Leonore Tiefer, PhD, www.leonoretiefer.com
Jassie Timberlake, www.northamptonsextherapy.com
Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, FAAN, www.healthywomen.org
Stacie Ysidro, stacie_niss@yahoo.com
Esalen Institute
Rowe Conference Center
Suzanne Scurlock-Durana