The 4-D Wedding Wheel with Objects Offered by the Wedding Family
Recently I had the very great blessing and honor to officiate my daughter’s wedding. It took place on San Juan Island near the ocean and was incredibly breathtaking. The connection to Pachamama, or Mother Earth, is strong on these islands off of the coast of the state of Washington in […]

Getting Married with the 4-D Wheel

Bootie Shakers
I find myself in constant awe of what a brilliant work of art our bodies are. As a little girl I watched my parents dance and loved seeing how much they enjoyed it. I think this is where my curiosity with people and bodies began. I admit I am one […]

Bootie Shakers

inviting clients our of their chairs
I will admit that the first time I invited clients to get out of their seats to walk around the four-dimensional Wheel I was a little nervous… okay… a lot nervous.  To ask my clients to leave the safety of the soft comfy couch that I myself tested and tried […]

Inviting Clients Out Of Their Chairs

Dancing Goddess
A Farewell to “ISIS”–and Welcome to the Dancing Goddess In 2004, I began using ISIS as an acronym for my nationwide survey “Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality.” Eventually, ISIS also stood for the four-dimensional clinical approach that developed from my earlier survey findings that sexual experience is multidimensional, once you factor […]

Welcome to the Dancing Goddess

traditional african beaded dolls
A 4-D Wheel Weekend Retreat in Sweden Tina Nevin I live in the country and beside our family house I have a special house I call La Casa de Tina. It has a room to sleep, a toilet and a loft where I have my Wheel, my mesa. It is […]


Recently I was in Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico for a training with other clinicians and practitioners of the 4-dimensional approach to sex and intimacy.  Every morning, before we would begin our work, we would clear our space.  Clearing space involved using sound (a drum, a rattle, etc), scent (copal, sage, incense, etc0, […]

Clearing Space