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Find a 4-D Practitioner to Work with You

Do you ever worry that there’s something wrong with you?

…find desire and intimacy passing you by?

…long for something more—excitement, connection, love, ecstasy-and beyond?

Do you sometimes feel you’ve tried everything to make this happen and nothing works?


If you’re ready to explore an approach that DOES work-we invite you to step into the 4-D Wheel.

We begin with YOUR story-body, mind, heart, and spirit.

We listen to you, not tell you what to do.

We actively engage you in your own journey to help you move through your blocks and toward where you want to go.


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You can work with us in person, or by Skype and other long-distance platforms.

Ask us about retreats and extended sessions where you can work with us by yourself or with your partner over several days to incorporate the innovative 4-D dynamics.



Begin your 4-D journey right now-with this classic 4-D exercise!

  • Find an object that represents a part of your sexual story that you want to keep and nurture and expand.
  • Find another object that represents a part of your sexual story that you want to release and move beyond.


Find A Practitioner To help you discover sexual healing, power, and transformation.


Working with a 4-D Network Practitioner can help you discover new levels of sexual healing, health, and pleasure in your life, however you choose to connect.

4-D Network practitioners offer their clients more than just an innovative approach.
When you work with a practitioner who has trained in the 4-D Wheel, you can rest assured that they possess qualities that will help you grow as a person and help you find your own way to more satisfying and joyous sexual relationships.

4-D Network Practitioners offer you….

  • Openness—They’ll listen to your whole story and not make judgments ahead of time.
  • Collaboration—They’ll work with you, not try to impress you as an “expert” or tell you what to do.
  • Optimism—They’ll help you search for the best in you—the health and healing, rather than only focusing on what’s wrong.
  • Integrity—They’ve done their own personal work and are strong and resilient enough to deal with whatever issues you bring to them.


Click on a heading below to read what our clients have been telling us . . .

I feel like I got a piece of myself back . . .
My gratitude for you and the space you held for us is beyond my ability to express with words. I feel like I got a piece of myself back. On the wheel, I notice physically I can actually feel myself in my body, emotionally I feel some joy and peacefulness deep down, mentally I am clearer and feel a new curiosity, and spiritually I feel connected and magical. More will be revealed 🙂 Tai Junker, Portland, Oregon
I finally saw with exquisite clarity what was really happening . . .
Last weekend helped me overcome issues that I had been trying to overcome for a very long time: issues of self-projection (competency, confidence, being an authority, having it all together), and using that projection to connect with people, instead of speaking from my heart. That alone was invaluable. It was always so much easier to speak in general or abstract terms about emotional and spiritual things. When I found myself frustrated and lost in a jumble of broken words when I attempted to speak from the heart last weekend, I finally saw with exquisite clarity what was really happening.  Now I know how to truly connect with people and present my true self to the world.
I realized that if I let go and stopped struggling . . .
The immersive nature of our experience left me with two options: drown, or swim in this deep ocean of emotion. Emotion is water energy, and I’ve never been friendly with either actual feelings, nor with water itself: in my lifetime, I nearly drowned twice as a child, and never learned to swim. And here, suddenly, water was everywhere: in our tears, in the lake, and in all of my shamanic journeys. So much water! While at first during this weekend, I felt like I was drowning, I realized that if I let go and stopped struggling, stopped trying to fix myself and others, I could at least float pretty well. So I did that for a while – floated, and learned to hold space and just be there for those who need it, without trying to help or fix them.  Now I have hope that one day I’ll learn to swim for real – both physically and emotionally.

Listening to you was like listening to my own story . . .
I can’t thank you all enough for your wisdom, kindness, patience, brave honesty, and sheer POWER. Through you all, the Goddess was with us every step of the way. Listening to you was like listening to my own story, in thirty different voices. Without this seminar, and without you all, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to get to the beautiful place where I find myself today. Goddess bless you all, Valeria Chuba, Brighton, MA

You woke up the Goddess Within . . .
Your workshop opened up a new portal in me that I wasn’t expecting. You’ve inspired me in ways that words can’t explain. You woke up the Goddess Within and, for the first time in my life, I am letting go of pain and disappointments and replacing them with bigger dreams and more compassion for myself than I quite understand. In turn, that is giving me more compassion for others. -Leia Phillips, San Francisco, CA