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To Become Certified as a 4-D Practitioner or Educator….

There is no fee for becoming certified as a 4-D Practitioner/Educator, or for annual re-certification.
Certification is maintained through annual demonstration of ongoing contribution to the 4-D

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  • State licensure (or equivalent) to practice as a health practitioner, educator, or other relevant
    profession and/or AASECT certification as sex therapist, counselor, educator, or supervisor
  • Proof of current professional liability insurance
  • A current active professional practice
  • Maintain a vital 4-D presence on your professional website (details to be mutually determined;
    we will send you a page to add, and assist you in loading it to your website)

Note: We understand that not all qualified professionals can meet these requirements, and we will
adjust requirements for 4-D members from other countries, professional affiliations, etc.


  • Individual supervision with Gina or other 4-D Core Faculty (number of hours to be mutually decided)
  • Active participation in at least:
    one 4-D training


one 4-D personal-growth retreat

one Train-the- Trainer week with Gina or other 4-D Core Faculty

Note: some of these requirements may be fulfilled by on-line or long-distance supervision and
participation in monthly conference calls. We will do our best to accommodate your needs as long as
you demonstrate that you are able to uphold the integrity of the 4-D approach in your practice.


  • Create, promote, and conduct a 4-D Retreat, and/or
  • Create, promote, and conduct a 4-D Training, and/or
  • Create, promote, and conduct a 4-D protocol for a distinct population, and/or
  • Create, promote, and conduct a 4-D online course, and/or
  • Create a 4-D video presentation, and/or
  • Create a 4-D publication


ONGOING CONTRIBUTION TO the 4-D NETWORK via one or more of the following:
  • Co-facilitate events with Gina or other 4-D certified practitioners
  • Create 4-D event for self and/or others
  • Offer 4-D events at conferences and elsewhere
  • Teach a 4-D class
  • Train students in the 4-D approach
  • Promote 4-D events for self and/or others—via social media, listservs, etc.
  • Contribute to an on-line 4-D course
  • Blog for the 4-D Website
  • Other


  • Maintain a vital 4-D presence on your professional website (details to be mutually determined)
  • Promote 4-D events for self and/or others—via website, social media, listservs, etc.
  • Write an Amazon review for Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy or Exploring Desire and
  • Blog for the 4-D Website…etc.


The 4-D Network is a vibrant community of practitioners:

sex therapists, psychologists, counselors, coaches, teachers, physicians, nurses, and other health practitioners dedicated to connecting our clients with the heart and soul of sex.

join our networkWe come from different corners of the world, speak a variety of languages, and represent a range of sexual orientations, spiritual faiths, and professional approaches. An essential part of our training and supervision has been working directly with Gina Ogden–to develop our skills in the core dynamics of the 4-D approach to sex therapy. Beyond that, we have each incorporated the Wheel into our own practices, adapting it to our unique skills with individuals, couples, and groups.

Perhaps most importantly, we all “walk the Wheel” ourselves, so that we know what it feels like to step into each quadrant and experience the transformation. This deeply felt combination of professional practice and personal growth informs what we bring to our clients and students.


Becoming certified as a 4-D Practitioner offers you:

  • Access to a community of skilled colleagues Free “Train-the-Trainer” events
  • A superb referral source for reaching new clients
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Unique opportunities to gain recognition for the work you do through presenting your work at conferences, in online courses, and other events
  • Invitations to publish your work on our site or with our newly established 4-D Press


If you are interested in certification, download the application form below.
Complete all details and forward to the email provided.

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The process for certification as a 4-D Practitioner involves:

  • Interview

    Gina Ogden and Jacqui Mendez discuss the 4-D approach

    Reading and commenting on the two 4-D texts

    • Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy
    • Exploring Desire and Intimacy (the 4-D workbook)
  • Participating in our two online courses
  • Attending at least one 4-D Network intensive training
  • Attending at least one 4-D Network intensive retreat
  •  Participating in 12 +/- hours of supervision with a 4-D Supervisor
  • Demonstrating competency in the 4-D Wheel Approach


Note: we will work with you to adapt our requirements to fit your geography, experience, budget, and other circumstances


Your training and supervision with us may count toward your certification in AASECT (The American Association of
Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists)

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