Become a Certified 4-D Network Practitioner

Join a growing group of creative 4-D professionals
certified to guide clients through life-changing transformation

Details TBA: Fall 2017

The 4-D Network is a vibrant community of practitioners: sex therapists, psychologists, counselors, coaches, teachers, physicians, nurses, and other health providers dedicated to connecting our clients with the heart and soul of sex.

join our networkWe come from different corners of the world, speak a variety of languages, and represent a range of sexual orientations, spiritual faiths, and professional approaches. An essential part of our training and supervision has been working directly with Gina Ogden–to develop our skills in the core dynamics of the 4-D approach to sex therapy. Beyond that, we have each incorporated the Wheel into our own practices, adapting it to our unique skills with individuals, couples, and groups.

Perhaps most importantly, we all walk the Wheel ourselves, so that we know what it feels like to step into each quadrant and experience the transformation. This deeply felt combination of professional practice and personal growth informs what we bring to our clients and students.

Becoming certified as a 4-D Network practitioner offers you:

  • Access to a community of skilled colleagues
  • Free “Train-the-Trainer” events
  • A superb referral source for reaching new clients
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Unique opportunities gain recognition for the work you do through presenting your work at conferences, in online courses, and other events
  • Invitations to publish your work on our site or to collaborate on publishing projects with other members

If you are interested in certification, let us know now.
You will be on our list, and we can get you started.

I’m interested in 4-D Network Certification . . .

The multi-step certification process for certification as 4-D Network Practitioner will involve:

  • InterviewReading Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy and the upcoming 4-D Wheel workbook
  • Participating in our two online courses
  • Attending at least one 4-D Network intensive training
  • Attending at least one 4-D Network intensive retreat
  • Participating in 12 hours of supervision with a 4-D Network Supervisor
  • Demonstrating competency in the 4-D Wheel Approach

Your training and supervision with us may count toward your certification in AASECT (The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists)

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