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Practical Applications of the 4-D Wheel Approach

Two Online Courses to Help You Expand Your Skills & Grow Your Practice

These two courses provide a comprehensive overview of how to use the 4-D Wheel with clients along with six innovative applications. Part of the genius of these courses is Gina’s ability to engage you in your own multi-dimensional journey on the 4-D Wheel while she teaches you how to engage your clients, so that your learning is instant, organic, and integrated.


Expanding The Practice of Sex TherapyExpanding the Practice of Sex Therapy

How to Use the 4-D Wheel of Sexual Experience with Individuals, Couples, and Groups

In this training, Gina teaches you how to integrate the Four-Dimensional Wheel of Sexual Experience safely and effectively into the approach you already use with your clients—whether that is sex therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or any combination of other approaches.

You will learn how to structure your sessions to inspire your clients and students to step into paths that will help them release unhelpful energy, reconnect with their bodies, open their hearts, clarify old messages, move beyond ego, and anchor their inspiration and learning into their lives.

I am overwhelmed by the depth of thought, heart and spirit in these courses. They are not only holistic, but wholesome as well, which I greatly value. My feeling is that even areas of practice such as hardcore kink and alternative life-style orientations can and should be addressed from such an approach, and I’ve not come across anything else but your work that accomplishes this in such an honoring and respectful manner. I’m looking forward to growing in this work. -Laura L. Cardinale, M.A., LMFT. Tustin, CA

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Extraordinary Sex TherapyExtraordinary Sex Therapy

Innovative Approaches, Practical Applications

In this course, Gina introduces you to six colleagues who use the 4-D Wheel creatively in their practices—which range from psychotherapy and sex therapy to gynecology and fertility counseling. You will be inspired to find resourceful ways to use the Wheel with your clients and incorporate the Wheel as an essential aspect of your practice.

I really loved how convenient the trainings were, and that there was a guest lecturer each session. As someone new to the sex therapy world, it is wonderful to get acquainted with leaders in the field. -Jessica Congdon, MA, Texas State University

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