Partnerships with other organizations are a vital manifestation of our mission as the 4-D Network.

We choose partnerships in which we share common visions of positive growth and change–personal, cultural, and spiritual, and with whom we can fully collaborate, in the understanding that in working together we are far more powerful than we are working in competition with each other.

For this notion of organizational partnership I thank cultural historian Riane Eisler, a generous mentor over the years. She is author of many books and founder of the Center for Partnership Studies.



Sex Coach University is the world’s premier training and certification organization for sex coaching. We have trained students in over 46 countries around the world to become Certified Sex Coaches, Clinical Sexologists and Sex Experts.

Sex Coaching is the fusion of Clinical Sexology, which is the study of human sexuality, with results-oriented Applied Coaching. At Sex Coach University we train professionals who enable clients to resolve and overcome their sexual concerns.

This is a new and exciting field and we are passionate about bringing sexual empowerment and healing to everyone.

Our mission:

  • Provide the most comprehensive, client centered and holistic training in Clinical Sexology and Applied Coaching.
  • Provide students certification and accreditation so they can hold their heads high among their professional peers.
  • Create a global community of Sexologists to work together to bring about change.
  • Position students as sex experts, and to be part of the global sex expert community.
  • Train students to build a thriving sex coaching business that is in line with their values, and that attracts a steady stream of clients.

At Sex Coach U we envision a New Sexual Revolution where everyone is sexually empowered and healed on all levels, which can only be achieved if we work together.

We are committed to your success! We want you to be a leading expert in the New Sexual Revolution, to have a career that you love, to make a difference in the world and to be paid well for it.

About the training:

mebes-wheelTrainings at Sex Coach U are client centered, holistic and targeted, using the MEBES model, created by Dr Britton. We believe in working with the whole person: Mind, Emotions, Body, Energy and Spirit.

We provide over 200 hours of Sexology and Applied Coaching education, which puts you way ahead of the game in the global marketplace. Training can be done anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your own home, which includes 2 live calls a month and a supportive online community. We also provide live training events, which take place in the USA and in Europe every year. These are opportunities to make real connections and deep friendships with Sexologists from all around the world, with the potential to create powerful collaborations.

Sex Coach U graduates are automatic candidates for earning a Doctorate of Human Sexuality (DHS) or the prestigious PHD from the Institute of the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) in San Francisco, all available via distance learning.

Meet our founders:


Dr Patti Britton, PhD, MPH, is a Clinical Sexologist, Master Sex Coach, Sexology trainer and AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator and Supervisor. She is the pioneer of Sex Coaching and has been working in human sexuality for over 35 years. She received her PhD in Human Sexuality from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS), as well as a Masters Degree in Public Health.

As the original founder of sex coaching, she has had her own private sex coaching practice for 23 years, and wrote the landmark training manual on the subject, The Art of Sex Coaching. These are just two reasons why she is the BEST teacher to train with and that’s just the start!

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Dr Robert Dunlap a Clinical Sexologist, as well as an expert filmmaker. He is Dr Britton’s partner in life, as well as in business, and he brings his media savvy as a filmmaker and actor to the platform of Sex Coach U. Dr Dunlap produces all of the multimedia library and courses for the curriculum at Sex Coach U and co-leads the SAR and ASPEX live training programs around the world. As a Clinical Sexologist, he graduated from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, with a PhD. As a filmmaker, he produced over 46 films, featuring two award-winning films in sexology, “Beyond Vanilla”, and “Xaviera Hollander: The Happy Hooker, Portrait of a Sexual Revolutionary”.

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