Partnerships with other organizations are a vital manifestation of our mission as the 4-D Network.

We choose partnerships in which we share common visions of positive growth and change–personal, cultural, and spiritual, and with whom we can fully collaborate, in the understanding that in working together we are far more powerful than we are working in competition with each other.

For this notion of organizational partnership I thank cultural historian Riane Eisler, a generous mentor over the years. She is author of many books and founder of the Center for Partnership Studies.


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WisdomWomen is a growing movement of women who believe it is time to look in a revolutionary new direction and build our world from a different paradigm.

We are calling on women from different backgrounds to collectively fulfill our radical visions for a life-affirming world. We are not asking whether or not this can be done. We are claiming that it is ours to do. We believe that when we are held in a container of connection, support and wisdom, new possibilities will emerge beyond our wildest dreams.



While WisdomWomen creates the containers for our community to gather within, the women within the community are the ones who co-create the event itself. Each gathering is unique based on the inspiration, voices and wisdom of the women in the room.

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Michelle Stransky: FounderMichelle Stransky: Founder

Michelle believes that it is time for women to bring their deep wisdom forward into co-creating the life-affirming world we know is possible. As a Producer, she brings her gifts and experience of producing events around the world for organizations like Wisdom 2.0, into creating WisdomWomen gatherings.

As a Collaborator, she brings her leadership skills in tandem with her experience participating in and leading women’s circles. One of Michelle’s greatest joys is in being a connector and so it is a great honor for her to be a weaver of the WisdomWomen web.