Extraordinary Sex Therapy

4-D Wheel Online Training for Creative Professionals



Innovative Approaches. Practical Applications.

Practical suggestions, powerful tools, and inspiration to help you expand your practice

Six seasoned practitioners demonstrate how you can
incorporate the 4-D Wheel of Sexual Experience into your practice

Gina Ogden and seasoned 4-D Network practitioners share how they address vital and controversial topics with their clients. The creativity of these practitioners will inspire you to find your own unique ways to use the 4-D Wheel of Sexual Experience to engage your clients in deep levels of healing, growth, and transformation.

With each session, you gain insights into how to use the 4-D Wheel plus…

  • Handouts, resources, activities, and strategies you can use immediately with your clients.
  • Meditations you can use with your clients and for yourself.
  • Innovative case presentations from 4-D Network practitioner with specialized skills.
  • Videos that demonstrate how each practitioner works with the 4-D Wheel


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(Time Limited Bonus Offer) Receive Personal Supervision from Gina!
Within one month of purchasing this online course, you have the opportunity to submit one of your cases by e-mail for supervisory comments from Gina and/or other appropriate 4-D Network practitioners.

All you have to do is:

  • Send your case by e-mail to Gina@GinaOgden.com
  • Include the receipt from your purchase of the teleseminar
  • Use the subject line “Free Personal Supervision”
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Module 1: Reconnecting with Our Stories & Our Bodies (Or Remembering Our Stories & Reconnecting with Our Bodies)
With Debra Wickman, MD

You will never look at pelvic exams in the same way again! In this innovative session, Dr. Debra Wickman shares how she combines the 4-D Wheel with iPAD technology to help women heal pelvic pain by reconnecting with the stories their vulvas tell and “re-membering” pelvic health. Even if you work outside a medical setting, Debra’s large vision and breakthrough thinking will help you imagine how you can engage your clients more deeply in their own healing and offer them more agency within the therapy process.

Module 2: Healing Sexual Trauma
With Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP

The 4-D Wheel meets neuroscience and Brainspotting to help clients reactivate pleasure when desire is derailed by abuse, misinformation, affairs, and other neural train wrecks. Keesha is that rare medical practitioner who can see right through to your soul. You’ll learn how using the Wheel can help you bring science and spirituality together for hope and healing, even when your clients think they’ll never again experience pleasure, connection, or joy.

Module 3: Expanding Erotic Boundaries
With Patti Britton, PhD

Discover the integration of the 4-D Wheel with the “Malibu Healing Ritual”— energetic and spiritual sex coaching to help clients shift past wounds into future joys— especially Boomers and sexless couples. Patti invites us to the edge of the Pacific Ocean and leads us in a soulful ritual to let go of grief and raise our energetic potential for pleasure. The video of her ritual will fill you with ideas of how you can help resistant clients more openly accept and embrace their erotic potential.

Module 4: Discovering Aphrodite
With Chelsea Wakefield, PhD

Invite clients of all ages and any sexual or spiritual orientation to embody the unique archetypes of sensual passion and power. Chelsea’s brilliance is infectious. You will find yourself seeking archetypes in everyone you meet, especially your clients. Best of all, you will learn how you can inspire your clients to do their own work— while you hold the archetype of the Good Therapist.

Module 5: Recovering Desire & Connection
With Kristin Hodson, LCSW

Learn how to motivate your male clients to turn off the computer and turn on to relational sex. What is remarkable about Kristin’s work with the Mormon Male Porn Project is how impeccably she uses the 4-D Wheel to create a container for her clients’ stories of sexual desire and how closely she listens for what they really want in sex and in partnership. You can listen that deeply, too. It will change your clients. It will change you, and the work you do.

Module 6: Supporting Clients Through Challenging Times
With Elliott Kronenfeld LICSW

Elliott has found moving ways to use the 4-D Wheel with clients who have many complex and even conflicting issues, including infertility. During a protracted time of challenge to body, heart, mind, and spirit, the Wheel opens intimate connections between partners—and with the baby. His non-judgmental approach is a beautiful demonstration of how you can use the Wheel to help all kinds of clients move toward their own solutions.

It was a great opportunity to hear from others who do ISIS work and hear how they incorporate it into their practices—with new ideas and strategies to use with clients. The handouts had many helpful activities. Guest presenters offering their experiences and expertise were helpful. –Maureen Ryan, DPN, Buffalo, NY
I appreciated the diversity of applications, practical, useful tools and info, and creative inspiration. The lightbulb insight clicks ‘on’ as clients explore their wholeness in the quadrants. –Judith White, MA, LLP, LPC, Kalamazoo, MI
I liked the guest speakers and how they shared their use of the 4-D Wheel in their practice. –Lyndsey Fraser, MA LMFT, Minneapolis, MN
It allowed me to gain further insight into the 4-D Wheel. –Lisa B. Schwartz, PhD, Yardley, PA
Hearing the case studies and all the many ways folks are utilizing the 4-D Wheel in their practice. The Wheel becomes a vehicle for clients’ change and transformation when you allow them to guide the process/journey. I often introduce the 4-D Wheel and allow them to take it from there, inviting them to walk the Wheel while telling their story. I comment throughout with suggestions of mindful awareness for them to check within to see if they are in the quadrant of experience they intend to be focusing on, and to check-in with the other quadrants as to how they respond/react. For example, if someone is in the heart quadrant discussing their anger, I may ask them where they feel that in their bodies. –Alexandra Milspaw, PhD, LPC, Bethlehem, PA
I am taking the plunge with 4-D Wheel group work – it’s a little daunting but I am excited by the potential impact on clients. I will keep you informed. –Christina Taylor, BA, NSW, Australia